Open kitchens with a taste of freedom.

The main kitchen opens in full by pushing the walls to give themselves on the lounges, to give ease to the exchanges. Spacious room, made of furniture oak, stone, marble, trompe fresco (frescoes composed by an artist-painter) give a unique stamp to this kitchen halfway between a rustic style redesigned and a look wisely contemporary . The choice was made on a set of drawers and doors with facades way solid oak and glasses. of varying sizes and with brushed metal handles they beat the landscaping by working planes all in solid marble. The existence of a magnificent central marble Island creates an attractive and functional living space. The ceiling beam and oak planks gives a feeling of being in an old barn. All these materials, these colours, this space, plunge us into an open kitchen, freed with a convivial, Provençal, warm trend.

Kitchen Facilities: Independent kitchens, country Style, dishwasher, oven, microwave grill, induction mixed plates, deep fryer, rotary, grill, fridge freezer, Second fridge freezer, reception cutlery, lava Laundry, other equipped kitchen.


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Le Boulet
46200 Souillac - France